30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Big Untidy Night Out

The Big Untidy would like to welcome you to a night with a stellar line-up: Thunder On The Left / Order #227 / A Very Deep Hole

Thunder On The Left are a three-piece who are creating a real buzz at the moment and now make a triumphant return to the Big Untidy with a great new album, National Insecurity, under their belt.  The band are superb live, playing committed, urgent riff-heavy music with a political edge.  See them now in a small venue before they become huge.

Order #227 are a favorite of the Big Untidy and comprise three members who have gigged extensively before as members of various punk and hardcore outfits.  This project is a return to the source of the music, being muscular and uncompromising, but with an ethical core.  Think Exploited, Crass and Ruts and you might be close.

A Very Deep Hole are a great Reading-based band with a rich and complex sound that has elements of psych, rock and metal.

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