30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Scarlet Vixens Nerdlesque present: Stranger Flings

£12/£15 VIP

Burlesque from the Upside Down. 

Can you best the monsters you encounter on this burlesque/D&D adventure and will your rolls be lucky enough to escape the shadow monster?

A night of nerdlesque weirdness not to be missed featuring the creepy, the scary and the disturbingly wonderful aspects of geek culture.

Watch out for the sexy demagorgon!
Bring your eggos!
Make sure you've got your D20 to hand!
But most importantly, will we get justice for Barb?! 

Mariposa Bop
Miss Anticipation
Lady Lisette Ruby
Tootsie Rocques

Dungeon Master:
Mojo Jones

Tickets are £12. Our VIP package is £15 and includes a D20 dice and a guaranteed front row seat with table and retro nibbles(eggos not provided). What are you waiting for? These shows sell out fast so be sure to get your tickets before it's too late!


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